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what is web-to-printWhat Is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing or VDP (also known as Variable Information Printing, or VIP) is a form of on-demand printing in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the press, using information from a database or external file. For example, a set of personalized letters, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name and address on each letter. Variable Data Printing is mainly used for direct marketing, customer relationship management and advertising.

The technique is a direct outgrowth of digital printing, which harnesses computer databases and digital presses to create high-quality, full color documents, with a look and feel comparable to conventional offset printing.

Variable Data Printing enables the mass customization of documents via digital print technology, as opposed to the 'mass-production' of a single document using offset lithography. Instead of producing 10,000 copies of a single document, delivering a single message to 10,000 customers, variable data printing could print 10,000 unique documents with customized messages for each customer.

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Why is Cross Media Important for Your Business
Utilize a cross media campaign
to build and expand your
customer loyalty.

No one embarks on a business endeavor with the idea of closing up shop, yet most new businesses fail within the first six months. Even long established companies are not safe as they can lose ground by not following current marketing trends. A company that gets on top and stays on top however, does so via the use of reliable promotional strategies, like cross media marketing.

This type of cross media promotion can also create awareness about an existing web site, enabling individuals to sign up for relevant product based mailing lists, which leads us to...

The use of personalized email, personalized URLs and social network campaigns is a growing trend that is reaping huge rewards for companies willing to tap into this resource. Multi media marketing campaigns that utilize online databases have a greater reach and can effectively connect you to your customer base.

  Personalized Email -- cross media advertising that utilizes personalized emails (i.e. those that greet the customer by name) can be highly effective and increase your company's professionalism. Personalized emails also assist you in connecting with consumers in a way that builds lasting business relationships.
  Social Networking Sites -- in recent years, studies have indicated that popular social networking sites are great ways to make the buying public aware of new product services and brands. This makes social networks a veritable gold mine, as they can increase consumer awareness in a meaningful, targeted way.
  Personalized URLs -- used in conjunction with cross media promotion tools like direct mail, Personalized URLs can establish cross media data tracking that enables you to learn more relevant information about your customers and prospects.
  Cross media marketing can also incorporate the use of mobile messaging, print ads, Google adwords, PPC (pay per click) and more.

Once your company has obtained the necessary cross marketing analytics, you can use the information to create an even greater business-to-consumer or business-to-business relationship that will potentially culminate in customer brand loyalty.

How Cross Media Advertising Helps You

Also called “multi-channel marketing” or “integrated marketing”, cross media marketing combines traditional grass root campaigns like direct mail with contemporary promotional methods such as email and targeted internet marketing. The reason this is so effective is that it reaches a large number of consumers a great variety of ways, increasing company visibility.

As you know, no two consumers are alike. While one individual may enjoy surfing the web to find deals and bargains on goods and services, another may prefer printed correspondence.

This is another reason why cross media campaigns can be so effective. When one utilizes cross media campaigns, one finds a way to appeal to a larger clientele base, which can be realized in increased consumer traffic and profits.

The Response Rates of Personalized Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns [pdf]
Brand Recognition and Consumer Loyalty
  Meet your business goals with personalized one-to-one marketing.
  Cross media marketing
builds trust with your

Customers often feel more comfortable when they can associate a name with a particular product. This kind of trust can be built via the use of cross media marketing and advertising. The more often the targeted buying public hears and sees your company's brand, the more likely they will consider using your product or service when the need arises.

This type of marketing and promotional tool can also provide cross media analytics that aid you in assessing consumer trends that benefit your company. Cross media data tracking is also essential for any business that desires to stay in tune with the needs of their customers.

If you are interested in learning more about cross media marketing, contact BAM! Direct today to speak with one of our knowledgeable cross media marketing specialists. The call and the consultation are free and can put you on the path towards greater business visibility and marketplace longevity.

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